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Maxi Pro 

Maxi Pro - Variable Power

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The full size Thumper Maxi Pro is ideal for 2 person use (eg. doctor - patient).

A full-body Thumper massage takes only about 5 minutes, leaving the patient completely relaxed.

It has 8 massage spheres and pulses 27 times per second. Its large size allows you to massage both thighs, calves, feet or paraspinal muscles at once.

It weighs 3.2kg which provides all the necessary force to provide a sensational massage!

There is no pressing and prodding. Just park it on the muscle area of choice and relax.

And for all of you professionals who have tired hands of using massagers all day on your patients, the Thumper has no kickback in the handles.

For more than 20 years Thumper Professional Massager has been the first choice of Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Sports Trainers in treating muscles aches and tension. It is the only massager on permanent display in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

You feel a Thumper massage throughout your body, not just on the surface of your skin. Eight anatomically-designed massaging spheres pivot up and down a full 1/4 inch, twenty-seven times per second.

Thumper’s percussive energy penetrates through all muscle layers. Reaching down to untie the knots. Giving you the good, healthy feeling of a head-to-toe professional massage.

A power adjustment lets you select the intensity that’s best for you by allowing for both thick and thin muscles. Thumper works through your clothing and will not create itching.

A deep tissue massage, with no work. Thumper does the work, not you. Just ‘park’ Thumper on your legs, thighs, back or shoulders. No need to press down - Thumper’s 3.2 kg weight provides all the necessary force. (In fact, it’s action and effectiveness is diminished by extra pressure.)

A Thumper massage is fast: its large-area cover-age massages both groups of paraspinal muscles simultaneously; lets you treat both thighs or calves at once. A full-body massage takes only 5-8 minutes. Small areas can be reached by tilting Thumper, using a single massage sphere.

Safe and Comfortable. Used properly, there’s no itching or pain with Thumper. Because 95% of its energy is directed through the massage spheres instead of to the handles, operator vibration is negligible, with no ‘kick-back’.

Whether you’re massaging yourself or others, Thumper Maxi Pro is easy to control. And a built in safety buffering mechanism prevents you from hurting yourself, even if you inadvertently apply extra pressure.

Benefits of the Maxi Pro

  • Relieves muscle tension and fatigue. Relaxes and invigorates. Helps alleviate low back pain and tension head-aches. Gives you the good healthy feeling of a head-to-toe professional massage.
  • Thumper is the first choice of doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and professional athletes in treating muscle aches and tension.
  • Massage spheres anatomically designed for all muscle groups without the use of attachments.
  • Thumper is the first choice of doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and professional athletes in treating muscle aches and tension.
  • Handles set at opposing angles make Thumper easy to hold and move. Extra long 12 ft. power cord. Tough polycarbonate casing (the same plastic bullet-proof windows are made from).
  • Other massagers glide over your skin - Thumper penetrates deep, through all muscle layers.

Specifications of the Maxi Pro Thumper Massager

The Thumper Maxi Pro is therefore the choice of many massage professionals. The Maxi Pro has the following advantages:

Variable Power

The power can be varied from 1200 to 2100 rpm - 20 to 35 pulses per second. This allows the operator to choose the level of intensity required.

Quiet DC Motor

The Thumper Maxi Pro Massager features an extremely quiet DC motor, which gives it a longer life.

No Stall on Start

Some massage machines take time to ‘warm up’ or stall when first starting. The Thumper Maxi Pro variable speed massage machine starts immediately from being switched on, allowing you to get started straight away.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Thumper Maxi Pro is made from heavy duty rubber and polycarbonate - allowing repeated and prolonged use without deterioration.

Professional Use for up to 10 Hours a Day

The Maxi Pro can be used by massage professionals for up to 10 hours a day.

Burnout Protected

The Maxi Pro massage machine has a self-cooling motor, which turns on sealed ball bearings. This means that the machine is well protected against ‘burning out’. The machine is provided under the Thumper Warranty.

Easy to Clean

The soft rubber spheres on the Maxi Pro machine can easily wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Lightweight & Compact

The Thumper Maxi Pro is relatively compact - at 20cm x 25cm x 19cm - and weighs just 3.2 KGs (7lbs), which makes it extremely portable. The weight of the machine, however, means that the operator does not need to apply pressure - let the Maxi Pro do the work!

No Attachments Necessary

The Thumper Maxi Pro works without any attachments - just plug in and use.

3.7M Cord

The cord, at 3.7m allows ample room to work, and plugs into a standard power outlet.

Full Instruction Manual

The Maxi Pro comes with a detailed instruction manual.

Warranty: 2 Year limited warranty on parts and labour. 

Satisfied Customers 

We have sold these units to professional sports teams, and massage professionals, who have been happy with the performance of our Thumper Maxi Pro. Read their testimonials here.